Family Services Co-Ordinator

Family Services

Alison’s role involves co-ordinating all Family Support Services offered at Togher Family Centre

Alison Douglas has been working at Togher Family Centre since 2024. She is the Family Services Co-ordinator. Alison has 2 years experience working in the area of child protection and welfare. She is passionate about supporting children and families within the community. As part of her role, she will co-ordinate parenting programmes and also offer parent support sessions for individuals. She currently supervises Child Contact for both Tusla and the family court and co-ordinates the Counselling Service.

Relevant Qualification

Bachelor of Social Work (Level 8)

Other Qualifications Include:

  • Social Studies ( Level 5)

Professional Development

  • Certificate in “Introduction to Children First”
  • Safe and Together Training

  • Certificate in ” recognising and Responding to Child Trafficking”
  • Interviewing Children in a Child Friendly Way

Special Interest

Alison has a special interest in the affects of different childhood traumas on development. She aspires to support families and parents on recognising the impact of childhood trauma and how they can try to negate this impact on the child. Alison also has an interest on the role domestic violence plays on the development of children and how practitioners can intervene and support without increasing the trauma.

Service(s) happy to have Alison Douglas: